Christian? Are you really? I don’t think so.

Recently, someone asked me why I “trash” Christians on Facebook. And I don’t think I trash Christians. At least, not actual Christians. I detest those who say they are Christians but do not behave like Christians are supposed to behave.

I have seen people who have stayed in pathetic marriages, allowed their children to be gluttonous, children having children out of wedlock and then make excuses for those things all while judging others, using hateful words towards family members and acting anything but “Christian”.

I have seen people claim that they are “Christian” while cheering on a bigot, racist and homophobic Presidential candidate. Cheering hateful words while claiming they are Christian is hypocritical. When Jesus wanted us to help the poor, the downtrodden, the meek… I watch these people foam at the mouths with venomous words towards those very same people.

I watch day after day as people post things mocking cultures, ethnicities, and languages. I recently heard someone use the N word like it was nothing. It is disgusting and they should be ashamed… but instead it was laughed about, as well as the ethnocentric views they were laughing about. Their ignorance on another culture was appalling. And this is why I “trash” so-called Christians. I am not sitting here claiming to be perfect, I am far from it. I am as flawed as the next. But I am not Christian. I don’t claim to be and I never want to be again. I don’t need that religion to tell me the difference between right and wrong. I know that already. I can see the hurt in peoples faces, see the tears in their eyes, watch the affects that it has on their self-worth when a “Christian” leaves these people in tatters. That is not anything I want to be a part of. These people clearly need to re-evaluate their whole concept of Christianity.

There is nothing Christian about treating others poorly.
There is nothing Christian about calling others names.
There is nothing Christian about judging others for their past.
There is nothing Christian about not forgiving others for past mistakes.
There is nothing Christian about believing your religion is the only religion people should follow when you don’t follow your own damn religion.
There is nothing Christian about acting like you are better than someone with darker skin. Jesus had brown skin, dumbasses.
There is nothing Christian about treating your family like shit.
There is nothing Christian about mothers destroying their children with their narcissism.
There is nothing Christian about gossip.
There is nothing Christian about hate-filled speech.
There is nothing Christian about judging people for their past, but refusing to look at your own.
There is nothing Christian about expecting Jesus to be your magic genie and bless you with money after you post that ignorant shit on Facebook.

These are not Christians. They are Christians in name only, not in practice. Just because you go to church does not make you a Christian. I know a few true Christians, and their actions match their words. They do what they know Jesus would want them to do, not what their preacher tells them via his interpretation of the word. Those people volunteer. Those people do not judge another because of their skin color, their language or their traditions and cultures. Those people embrace them as God’s children, as brothers and sisters, ya know… like you are supposed to.

Now, I know that some people will read this and just go back to be pseudo-Christian asshats, and that is just fine and dandy. I won’t judge you… but someday, if you really believe in your Bible, someone will. You will have a lot to answer for. Good luck with that. I am pretty sure that if your Bible is right, you won’t be happy with the results.

It is not too late to change.
Peace and love,


The 5 year plan

We have a lot going on in the next 24-36 months of our life. We are planning a move several states away shortly after I graduate with my MSW. We are looking at building a home and adopting a child/ren from foster care. Plus, I will be taking on a career in this field in which I will need to then become licensed in within 3 years. It is a busy time for us, but it is also a very exciting time.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.05.34 PM

We have a clear image of what we want, and we are working together as a team to reach that goal. We have worked very hard to get to this point, and I am very proud of my husband for being such a supportive man. This move is something that he has wanted for a long time, as it gets closer he becomes more excited. It will be so nice to see him enjoy our new home, new location and actually relax in a place that he loves to much. We even spent some time last night creating a vision board to help us see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
~Henry David Thoreau

It will be fun for me to post about all of this progress once it starts up.

Stay tuned for all the fun.



That year should ring specific to every American. It doesn’t, but it should. I hear people talking about how if black Americans, or any other skin tone other than white, didn’t talk about racism, there wouldn’t be racism. That is fucking ridiculous. Racism exists. Yes, it may be from many different cultures and colors, but it does exist. And it still is not right.

We must be open to the reality of it to fix it. Blaming, finger pointing and at trying to claim reverse racism is NOT the answer. And it simply does not even compare.

Let me put something in perspective for you. In 1965, black Americans were finally given the right to vote. That means that today, someone born in that year would be 51. That is only 7 years older than me. Which means that their parents were probably close to my parents age. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 ended all state and local laws requiring segregation. Brown v. Board of Education outlawed segregation in 1954, that’s when my father was 3 years old. Which means that my grandparents knew a world of segregation. My friends grandparents were segregated, they were made to feel less than. They were not allowed to vote.

That is fact. Sylvester Magee, who was known as the last living former African American slave died October 15, 1971. That was my dad’s 20th birthday, and I would be born 5 months later. That man was a slave for his first 22 years. This shit is not that far removed.

As a matter of fact, the state of Mississippi “forgot” to remove slavery laws until 2013. You read that right, 2013!!!

You cannot read any of this without thinking that something is wrong with that. No one is asking anyone to pay for their grandparents or their great grandparents mistakes or ignorance. But what needs to happen is that we all need to stop perpetuating it, everyone. Stop pretending Ferguson was racial fueled. The shooting and the protests. Stop pretending that white police shoot black people first and ask questions later. Stop pretending that black Americans have a reason to fear authority. When black people face harsher sentences for the same crime as white people… TODAY in this country, there is still a problem.

In Alabama, in October 2015, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency that it would close 31 driver’s license offices, all in mostly black areas with poverty. You cannot vote without a drivers license or state ID. This is a direct blow aimed to make it difficult for black U.S. citizens to vote in that state. Tell me that is “just coincidence”. It is not.


Our generation could move forward and prove that skin color is nothing more than that, the color of one’s skin, if we choose to do so. We cannot move this country forward if we continue to dip our toes in the pool of the past. If we cling to the ideals that kept people separated, oppressed and humiliated for all those years. If our toes are dipping in that pool, the cool waters telling us to lock our doors when someone of color walks by our car, tells us that they are all “thugs”… We are better than that.


When I see the likes of Trump bringing out the ugliest of what people have to offer of their souls, it is disgusting. I am literally disgusted with anyone that thinks that man would make a good President. A wealthy, racist, egomaniac is NOT what this country needs to make it better. We need someone who can treat every person that lives in this country as an equal. Because that is what our constitution demands… ‘ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL”… there is no mincing those words.

When I hear someone say they are a Christian, but cheer when Trump says that “he will ban all Muslims” and “have a database”… not only do I want to fucking scream that is exactly what Hitler would have said and done, but I want to shake people that agree with this while claiming they believe in God. God… are you kidding me? Jesus was middle eastern… this is well known. He wasn’t some brunette, white man with blue eyes. He was a middle eastern man, whose parents would mirror who Conservatives want to “carpet bomb” today.


While we have over 20 different single ancestral populations in this country, we have far more that can be broken down through mixed ancestry. There are 311 different languages spoken in the United States, 162 of those are indigenous languages. English is NOT the only language, and it sure the fuck is NOT the official language. Get over it. And while white people may be the majority of the population, this is NOT a white nation, nor will it ever be, you need to get over that fact. A white country is NOT what our founding fathers envisioned.

One can be proud of being a black person without it being racist. One can be proud of being Muslim or Christian without it being hateful. One can fight for equality without it being an attack against another. We have a right to choose and practice any religion we want, that is our right. We do not have the right to tell others who they worship. We shouldn’t alienate a group of people because of that choice. We shouldn’t call people hateful names because their skin is a different color than our own. If a person says, “Black lives matter”… it is because until now, the majority of white Americans have behaved as if they don’t. Yes, of course, “All lives matter” and that includes black lives, Muslim lives, Hispanic lives.. if you are going to post and preach that “All lives matter”.. then fucking behave that way.


If you don’t like what I am writing, please feel free to delete me on Facebook and from your life in general. I will not move on my position and I will not tolerate anyone that thinks otherwise. That doesn’t make me closed-minded as many conservatives like to parrot. I will not flinch of the racism and hatred of other human beings. I can deal with someone voting differently as is their right to do. I can understand and appreciate someone else’s point of view and still remain friends with them when it comes to many things. But if you are a in favor of a database for Muslims, delete me. If you are in favor of shooting a black man who is in the wrong neighborhood because he “looks suspicious”, delete me. If you are in favor of making voting difficult for all citizens, delete me. If you are in favor of deporting Hispanic families, delete me. If you are in favor of keeping poor areas poor while blaming those people for budget issues in social programs, delete me. I don’t want to have your poisonous views and hatred seeping in the atmosphere that surrounds me.


Segregation ended in 1965, officially. Let’s not step backwards and dress it as something different. In 1965, it was segregation for African Americans, in 2016-2017 we cannot step backwards and effect what happens to Hispanics or Muslims… we cannot do that. We just can’t.


This image was taken March 7, 1965. Only 50 years ago. We cannot step backwards, it stands against what America stands for.



In the Swing of Things

So, 2016 has started off slowly, as I have been unable to move around at the rapid pace that I have found myself accustomed to. Surgery on your heel is no walk in the park. Sleeping and basically, living in a recliner for 5 weeks is no joy ride either. But, I am hopeful that I will be able to start walking on it soon.

As I sit here, I find myself thinking about ways that I can streamline my schedule for this year. I will still be attending grad school full time, working an internship while trying to locate and secure my next internship, and I need to find a way to organize myself better. I need to organize myself in a way that transitions me into my career being fully functional as an organized therapist.

One thing I really need to work on is finding a good scheduling system. I utilize my iPhone and my iPad, but I need to find an app worthy of everything I have going on. I can find one for school, and I can find one for work, but nothing together, at least that I could find so far.

Then, I really want to upgrade my downtime with my husband. Once school is back in session, I see him about one day a week, and then sporadically throughout the week because he works nights and sleeps during the day. So, that one day has to be something meaningful.

We do have a vacation coming up during my birthday which will be nice to have that time together in the middle of it all.

Organization has been an evolutionary process for me. I know where everything is, and I can direct you to anything in my home or office over the phone with laser precision, if no one has moved anything. However, I know I can do better, and that is one of my goals for this year. If this goal is anything like mastering making homemade bread, then I have this is in the bag.

Until next time,


A new year is always filled with the promise of better things, right? Some vow to lose weight, others to drink less or go to the gym. I had “resolved” to do those things over the years as well. But not this year. This year I have goals. Goals that I will work towards to ensure that I enjoy 2016 more than I did 2015, which will be tough to beat, because I married the most incredible man last year, I graduated with my BA in Psychology and even went to Guatemala. So, 2016 has some serious competition.

My goals for 2016 include:
1. Working on becoming fluent in Spanish
2. Make homemade bread that doesn’t become a paperweight
3. More meditation
4. More yoga
5. Straight A’s all year
6. Go on more vacations
7. Forgive people who have hurt me, but never forget what they did. There were lessons learned.

These are all attainable and will make my life better all around, yes, even the homemade bread. Bill loves carbs. Happy husband, happy wife. 😀

I may add more to this throughout the year, but I look forward to the lucky 7 that I have currently.

Good luck to everyone who has resolutions or goals as this new year is upon us. Let us not forgive to love one another, be kind to strangers, help when you can, be understanding and always, always smile. Life is not long and tomorrow is never guaranteed, so be as sweet as you can, it may make a difference to someone without you even knowing it.