Lavender: After the podcast

Lavender: After the podcast

A couple of things to note after Episode 2 I should note.

  1. For diffuser use, I like to use Barefüt Essential Oils, or Suns Eye (which are probably my favorites). These would never be used for medicinal purposes or externally/internally on the body. These are simply fragrance oils, they will still work as an inhalant for calming, energizing, etc.
  2. I may have my favorites, but please do the research and note where what you are reading is coming from. I have seen a lot of “great reviews” on some pretty shifty essential oil companies, but these reviews are coming either from the company or some one with a vested interest in the company. Much like the milk industry talking about how great milk is for you… you can’t really trust someone profiting from it.

Now, I am going to provide some links for some pretty awesome recipes using lavender. Check them out!

Milk Honey Lavender Sorbet from Gilded Fork

Healing Salve from The Herbal Academy

Homemade Lavender Milk Bath from My Frugal Adventures

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We appreciate it!

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