This year is the year.

The year to make changes. Breathe deeply. Dig deeper. Love more. Tolerate less. Sleep more. Worry less. Vacation more. Richer conversations. Less small talk. Witness more sunsets and sunrises. More rituals under the full moon. Meditate daily. Learn EMDR. More trauma-focused training. Begin consulting. Learn more. Incorporate hobbies. Find a balance. Spend more time in nature. Swim more. Start doing yoga again. Practice daily gratitude. Disconnect from technology more often. Run for local office. Do more homeopathy. Make more essential oil blends. Get an apothecary cabinet and fill it with homemade tinctures and remedies. Do more reiki and energy work. Make a difference. Finally become fluent in Spanish. Sunscreen every day. Spend time in a sensory deprivation tank. Center myself. Go on a retreat. Paint my toes bright colors. Drink more water. Laugh more. Go on more road trips. Love myself. Celebrate my success. Celebrate my failures. Relocate to a place that my soul is happy. Remember that nothing in this life is permanent. Enjoy each minute as it happens.

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