50 years and lots to ponder

November 17, 2019

50 years and lots to ponder


This week my husband turned 50. Although this is a time for him to reflect on his life and progress so far, I also found myself doing the same. I wondered if this path I am currently walking in the right path, the best path, for us moving forward. I often find myself with so much to do during my days that I rarely get time to notice the roses much less have time to stop and smell them. 

 I realized this week that I want to spend less time with work and exhausting energy on other people’s issues and more time enjoying experiences with my little family. I want more memories of enjoying new places, new people, and new adventures. Time on this earth is so short and I have spent the last 10 years running around, working and learning to get myself to a point where we can do this. 

 So, in preparation to start 2020 in the best way I have deactivated Facebook, I will not be doing therapy for a private practice after the end of the year, and I am going to gently and in all respect say no to people moving forward. Not because I don’t want to help but because in my reflection I noticed that I expend a great amount of energy doing for other people that only reach out when they need something from me. And up to this point, I have allowed that because I never want people to feel the way they have made me feel over and over again. And this isn’t anyone’s fault but my own. I lack the boundaries and self-respect to stand up and say no. I coach clients with this every day but never take my own advice, until now.

I look forward to more peace, more memories, more genuine connections with new people from all walks of life. I look forward to all of this with my husband by my side, supporting each other and celebrating each year together.

Bring on 2020!


3 thoughts on “50 years and lots to ponder”

  • I believe that the hardest thing for most of us is to express our boundaries and say ” enough is enough- I need to do this for me.” I commend you on your strength and commitment to spread positivity in the world by your example. Best of vibes for you and yours Ms Moxie!

    • Thank you, Cindy. Sometimes enough IS enough. Boundaries have been a struggle for me but it is something I work on every day and knowing is half the battle, right? Good vibes coming right back to you and your family as well. <3

  • Hi Melodi! I am very happy to hear that you are choosing to honor YOU! I came searching on here once I got in contact with the counseling center because I was becoming worried about you. I did try texting you several times, but totally understand why I haven’t heard back now. Please know that you have been such a real, down-to-earth connection in my healing journey. You are such a gift and deserve to feel appreciated and have more peace in your life. I will miss our sessions. Hugs!! Caitlin

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