365 One Word Art Journal Prompts

Thanks to Art Journalist I have a fabulous list of 365 prompts to occupy the next 365 days. I have been thinking of doing an art journal just to break up everything I have coming up with school and the internship. I figured this might be a very nice way to switch gears in my brain, and allow me to keep in touch with the creative side of my brain.


Some of the words, meant to spark creativity in either an art journal or possibly photography, are as follows…

1. Happiness
2. Beauty
3. Sleep
4. Garden
5. Imagination
6. Secret
7. Give
8. Thankful
9. Kindness
10. Inside
11. Outside
12. Jump
13. Friendship
14. Love
15. Fire
13. Light
14. Darkness
15. Dream
16. Believe
17. Hope
18. Faith
19. Focus
20. Clean

This could be great for kids, too. Maybe after dinner, once their school day is done, have them draw a picture that represents the word of the day. Place them in a binder when they are all done and they have 365 very cool pictures to look at when they are older.

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  1. I’m excited to see what you come up with..you’re always so creative 🙂

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