New Beginnings

June 13, 2017

New Beginnings


For the people that follow Meditation and Moxie, you probably have noticed something. I have deleted all of my previous blog posts. There is a method to the madness. I deleted them because they no longer serve a purpose. They are no longer needed and do not point to the direction that my life is going.

Med and Moxie is now going to be the home for all things in my life, including holistic, homeopathic and nutritional content. The more I learn this, the more I want to share it. And as I have learned, you put out into the universe that which you want to come back to you. I want to share what I learn and help people see that there is more out there that help us control out health than pharmaceuticals. With healthcare being the dismal mess that it is with this administration, we will need to be able to help ourselves with what the earth has already provided for us. So, please subscribe to the blog and comment with questions. Let’s engage in helping one another.

Melodi Hickey, MSW

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