Essential Oils for Pain

June 17, 2017

Essential Oils for Pain


We all have times where we go through aches and pains, sometimes it is acute and as we age, chronic. Most of the time we are quite content with taking an ibuprofen or Tylenol to help ease these pains. However, there is another way to take the edge off. Essential oils are an excellent option.
For instance, did you know that clove bud oil can numb tooth pain instantly. Not only that but clove bud oil is an anti-septic and anti-inflammatory. Additionally, it helps fight mouth and throat infections.

If you add a couple of drops of clove bud oil to a steam diffuser to aid in relieving mucous and loosen phlegm. Add a drop of diluted clove bud oil to a cotton ball and apply to tooth or gum area for instant relief.

Clove bud oil has many other uses as well, rub warmed clove oil that has been added to a carrier oil onto sore muscles and aches for pain relief; when added to a tea, it can aid in halting digestive problems, like nausea and vomiting.

It is a great idea to keep this oil in your medicine cabinet for multiple uses.

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