Self-care project

Self-care project

I lead groups three times a week and make it a point to stress to my residents to have coping skills in place. I do this on a daily basis. So, when it came to my day off, I started to think about my own coping skills. What things am I doing to deal with the emotional overload that comes with being a social worker? What am I doing to prevent burn out? How do I allow my body to process these things, and how do I work through not clinging to them so that they don’t affect me?

I realized that I don’t have too many coping skills. I am able to meditate and do some yoga and that helps sometimes. But I don’t have anything that I methodically work on every day. I began to list the things I like to do, just for me, and the list was pretty short. Then I looked to see of those things, what am I actually doing… the answer was none.

Needless to say, I am starting to implement those coping skills to create good habits for myself. One thing that I am going to start today is a photography project. I have always wanted to take pictures in black and white to make a coffee table book for my home. So, whenever I feel stressed out or have had a rough day, I am going to grab my camera and drive or walk someplace to take some pictures.

I am excited for the possibilities for creativity that this will open up for me. Not only will this fill a much needed creative outlet in my life, but it will also allow me to express what I am feeling through photos in a way that I have never done before. If I am feeling sad, the photo will reflect that. If I am feeling excited, the photo will reflect that. If I am feeling overwhelmed, in some artistic way, the photo will reflect that.

Now I will need a name for my first coffee table book. So, knowing that this will reflect emotions and feelings, what do you think the name of this book should be? If I select that name you suggest, you will get a copy of the book for your home as well (maybe signed if I am feeling self-important that day 😉

I look forward to your suggestions and how this is going to turn out.

2 thoughts on “Self-care project”

  • Emotional rescue is the first thing that came to my mind. Great idea. You’re very talented and I think a photography coffee table book would be wonderful.

  • I whole-heartedly agree with Michele, adding only that the idea for such a splendid project motivates me to explore “outside the box/outside my comfort zone” possibilities to reduce stress. Suggestions for a title include: Focusing on Feelings, Picture Me Fulfilled, A Mindful Journey in Black and White, Capturing Images in the Moment, Seeing Towards Healing, and Spiritually-Minded Sights and Wonders.

    Best of luck along with every good wish for this creative endeavor, Ms. Moxie. There is no need to say “keep up the outstanding work”–for that is a given!

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